Growth of Baseball

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Major League Baseball enjoyed great popularity in early 1900. The attendances increased and the World Series became one of the events major sporting year. Baseball faced its worst moment after the 1919 World Series, in which the Cincinnati Reds beat the Chicago White Sox; the next year, seven Chicago players were disqualified for this sport for intentionally lost the series in exchange for bribes from professional bettors. This scandal seriously damaged the image public baseball.

Baseball reputation recovered under the leadership of its new commissioner, a federal judge named Kenesaw Mountain Landis. Other factors also contributed to renew the popularity of baseball during the 1920s: new rules and the development of a new ball with a cork center livelier allowed to increase the number of home-runs batted. Babe Ruth, who signed for the New York Yankees in 1920 became one of the greatest home-runs hitters of all time. His style was imitated by many batters and baseball produced mycareer360 markers and, for many fans, became a more exciting game

The growth of baseball continued during the decade of 1930 when it became frequent the radio broadcast of parties. The first major league night game also took place during this decade, allowing fans to attend after work. In 1939, the Hall of Fame and National Museum of Baseball opened in Cooperstown, New York to expose baseball history and memories and honor the best players.


From the mid-1880s until the mid-1940s, black players were not allowed to be included in the major leagues. In their place, teams formed only by black players who formed leagues, called Black Leagues (Black Leagues). One of the best known was the Black National League, which was formed in 1920. Jackie Robinson, one of the most important players in the Black League, became the first black player in the modern majors, when he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Robinson led the Dodgers to victory in the National League championship and was proclaimed rookie (rookie) of the year. In spite of confronting intransigent and fanatical sectors, his extraordinary performance and behavior in the field, they helped to overcome the racial prejudices and soon other black players joined the major leagues.

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